About Us

Who are we...

Wollin Group, Inc. is a firm committed to furthering the understanding of energy conservation and building sciences.  For over 20 years we have specialized in providing and managing:

  • Building and HVAC Energy Training
  • Training Curriculum Development
  • California Energy and Ventilation Codes
  • Energy Compliance and Consultation
  • Quality Assurance Programs

At Wollin Group, Inc. we strive to provide with our MI-BEST® Training the Building and HVAC industry with energy efficiency assistance, sustainable construction options, and building procedures that promote structure durability and occupant comfort. As buildings continue to become more performance oriented, the details and materials used in the construction process become increasingly important both in choice and integration.

Wollin Group, Inc MI-BEST® Mission

Building Energy Science Education designed to join the art of construction to the science of energy and moisture. Working with the Wollin Group, Inc. MI-BEST® Trainer provides the building professional an opportunity to learn and practice techniques that might take many homes to experience and troubleshoot. MI-BEST® has been designed to provide the professional with variable building scenarios to enhance learning take away.

  • When filters are changed what can happen to static pressure and airflow?
  • How does ductwork on ventilation fans affect airflow?
  • How do ECM blowers react when performing airflow analysis?
  • What happens as the refrigerant charge changes? Experience results in real time.
  • Refrigerant Charge, what happens as airflow changes?
  • Duct Tightness and Infiltration Testing.

Two fully operational furnaces, providing opportunities to experience how ECM blowers differ from standard blower motors and differing combustion analysis techniques. And much more!