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Quality Insulation Installation and Thermal Bypass

Quality Insulation Installation & Thermal Bypass

Quality Insulation Installation & Thermal Bypass Training Objective

As California moves toward Net Zero Newly Constructed buildings and as Passive Home Construction become a more regular element BES-QII-791x1024in the housing environment the need for qualified insulation inspections is acute. This training period reviews examples of standard insulation workmanship and compares it to quality workmanship. The principles of Heat transfer are reviewed. Thermal bypass is explained and the importance of Quality Insulation InstallationQII ) is highlighted.

QIIQuality Insulation Installation ) is a HERS Rating Measure in the California Energy Code. The verification procedure requires practice and a consistent application of principles in order to properly advise and inspect these installations. This last year, California included the opportunity take this QII or Quality Insulation Installation compliance credit for installed Sprayed Polyurethane Foams, includes ‘medium density closed cell’ and ‘low density open cell’ spray polyurethane foams

The Building Energy Science Series is designed for classroom based interactive training. Wollin Group Inc. provides a training manual that the attendee can take with them.