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Static Pressure and Airflow

Static Pressure & Airflow 

Static Pressure Training Objective

Static Pressure in Duct systems is often well above the manufacturer’s recommended design parameters. Many HVAC Contractors areBES-Part-8-Static-Pressure-and-Airflow-231x300 changing out older less efficient equipment with newer ‘Tax Credit’ equipment. Much of the equipment is changed out without considering the ductwork and the effect of high static pressures on the ECM blowers.

The result is an unusually high rate of ECM Blower failures and upset clients. The training session develops the logic and provides a background demonstrating the need for low static pressures. This session builds upon principles in the Air Flow session (BES 06).

The training includes lecture and hands-on with a full sized training module designed to allow students the opportunity to elements in a full scale systems, Evaporator coils and filters are interchangeable, ducts can be varied and many other elements can be adjusted in real time.  Students have expressed appreciation for the hands-on portion many see the principles better when they get their hands on the equipment.

The Building Energy Science Series is designed for classroom based interactive training. A Full sized Hands-on Unit provides trainees with the opportunity to ask questions in a real-time environment and to practice the techniques with a qualified instructor available to assist and demonstrate problems, challenges and solutions.

Wollin Group Inc. provides a training manual that the attendee can take with them. A field quick Guide is included with the training.