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Refrigerant Charge and Airflow Verification

Refrigerant Charge & Airflow 

Refrigerant Charge Training Objective


Air-conditioning systems are typically poorly charged. This training session go through the California Energy Commission ApprovedBES-Part-7-Refrigerant-Charge-and-Airflow-231x300 Charge Verification procedures for both the 2013 Energy Code and the upcoming 2016 Code.

The training includes lecture and hands-on with a full sized training module designed to allow students the opportunity to practice the proper refrigerant charge airflow measurement procedures. The Training equipment allows the instructor to demonstrate causes and effects of bad airflow on refrigerant charge in a real time environment. The hands on training equipment allows refrigerant levels to be adjusted allowing students the opportunity to see multiple charge situations in a training environment.

What kind of Training is done in our Class

The Building Energy Science Series is designed for classroom based interactive training. A Full sized Hands-on Unit provides trainees with the opportunity to ask questions in a real-time environment and to practice the techniques with a qualified instructor available to assist and demonstrate problems, challenges and solutions.

 The students need to have EPA Refrigerant Certification as a Prerequisite.

Wollin Group Inc. provides a training manual that the attendee can take with them. A field quick Guide is included with the training.