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MI-BEST Curriculum

Specialized Performance Training

Bringing Real-time Training and Experience to the Professional

Training programs are designed to refresh accredited BPI Contractors, Energy Analysts and Inspectors with testing procedures for the Energy Upgrade California Program, or assist Certified HERS Raters in procedures that may be unfamiliar or rarely used.

The Energy Upgrade California and Advanced Homes program participants may benefit from all or portions of this hands-on training.
Individuals who take part in the training will have the opportunity to use both Retrotec and Energy Conservatory equipment. We are currently working with other equipment suppliers so trainees will have the opportunity to work with real equipment in real time.


The MI-BEST A+ Unit is being used for Wollin Group, Inc trainings since September 2014.  The Unit is designed to provide the foundation for the following trainings and training combinations.

As the training progresses a second mobile set-up is included that allows trainees to inspect both 2×4 and 2×6 walls of insulation for QII training and provides a basis for OVE (Optimum Value Engineering. The goal is to incorporate a training module that incorporates some of the best photographs with a visual component to cement the learning experience.

MI-BEST the Energy Upgrade California and Advanced Homes program

Our target training group is HERS Raters, BPI Contractors, Energy Auditors, Architects, Builders, HVAC Contractors, Utility Program Sponsors, etc. The material is designed to keep Architects, Mechanical engineers and other parties who are engaged in the performance residential construction involved as active participants during extensive ‘hands-on’ sessions. The material and the MI-BEST A+ Unit provides excellent opportunities to perform multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios.

If you are interested in learning more about our unique training module call us and we will be happy to go over training details and set up training for your organization. Just ask about the MI-BEST A+ (Mobile Integrated Building Energy Science Training) from Wollin Group, Inc.

Infiltration Testing (Blower Door)

We provide training in proper blower door verifications including Single point and Multipoint testing, both pressurization and depressurization. California now provides three methods for verifying building leakage, each of these will be trained with the opportunity to install both Retrotec and Energy Conservatory equipment multiple times. The MI-BEST A+ unit provides the opportunity to test with various conditions that are found in homes, drains that can be wet or dry, laundry combos and how to handle the leakage around them.

The ceiling lights, have a mixture of light cans that are ICAT, NON ICAT, Edison base units, 26 watt four pin, and LED. Multiple lighting temperatures are included to round out the experience. Like kitchen and bathroom fans, ceiling can lighting and various switches and outlets. The MI-BEST A+ unit has windows, interior and exterior doors that can be opened and closed.

The design of the MI-BEST A+ unit allows for pressure testing between rooms and can simulate CAZ testing and associated conditions and problems. The effect of transfer grills on the pressure loading of the house can be simulated (imitated) within the unit, providing trainees with real time experiences.

Duct Leakage Testing 

The MI-BEST A+ unit has the equivalent number of duct boots as a 4 bedroom home. The duct boots have some correctly sealed boots while others are not sealed. The instructor also has the ability to remotely cause various levels of duct leakage on multiple branches. The purpose is to train not only the verification techniques needed for HERS but to include problem solving and investigative techniques to assist contractors and others to locate leaks in real world situations.

The design of the MI-BEST A+ unit allows for total duct leakage as well as leakage to outside.

Air Flow

Air flow measurements using Flow Hood, Plenum Pressure Matching Method, and Flow Grids verification methodology can be experienced and the system is designed to be able to change airflow by changing duct design, diameters, filters and leakage. Each training session is prepared to provide multiple opportunities to learn real problem solving skills to real world issues.

There are four bathroom fans included in the Mi-Best unit, this provides the opportunity to test airflow through the fans, the instructor is able to change the equivalent length and/or diameter of the fan ductwork providing opportunities to learn and experience the effects of ductwork on airflow. One of the fans is 4 Sone while the other is 1 Sone another is .5 Sones, providing a hearing experience. The fans can also be used to provide CAZ pressurization problems.

Fan Watt Efficacy

Fan watt efficacy measurement is demonstrated and trainees will do the procedure and calculate the efficacy.

Duct Design Verification

The MI-BEST A+ Unit is designed to allow trainees to observe the duct design and to confirm the duct design or to identify layout and installation inconsistencies.

Refrigerant Charge Verification

Real operational equipment is setup to provide multiple charge levels so trainees will have the opportunity to work hands-on and experience the effects of low, good and over charged systems. The ductwork is also arranged so that various filters and filter sizes can be interchanged along with multiple returns and sizes. Trainees will see, feel, and experience the effects of common problems that may be cumulative in nature, the training process allows for step by step peel back if these conditions so a trainee can follow each improvement in system performance in real time. The equipment includes a 80 AFUE and a 95 AFUE gas furnace set up to run on propane.

Window Flashing & Air Seal

The MI-BEST A+ Unit has interchangeable windows and the window styles and types are representative of the marketplace, including: frames of, aluminum, vinyl, wood, and fiberglass; different types of operator styles, awning, casement, single hung, double hung, slider.

Each of the windows has the possibility of being correctly or incorrectly flashed on the exterior while on the interior the windows may be chinked with fiberglass, caulked, foamed, etc.

Combustion Analysis

Our training unit has two operating furnaces that can be used in the combustion analysis portion. As always the goal is to provide a hands on experience that leads to the ah ha moment in learning.

QII & Thermal Bypass

Classroom Instruction coupled with some hands-on basics

Infrared Inspection Basics

Classroom training coupled to a hot wall with various types of enclosure set-ups. Provides the participant an opportunity to test out the use of infrared cameras and to see the effect of properly installed insulation construction bays.