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MI-BEST 5 Day Schedule

What to expect in our MI-BEST A+ 5 Day course...

MI-BEST A+ all of the Hands on procedures are available to trainees throughout the hands-on portions during each day

Day 1

CLASSROOM: In MI-BEST A+ We will review basic Energy Science and Pressure Diagnostics, Manometer Law and Manometer Usage

Blower Door, includes four set-up stations and both TEC and Retrotec equipment using multiple manometers.

Includes both Pressurization and Depressurization Techniques.

Duct Testing, Total Leakage and Leakage to Outside
Multiple opportunities to set up check the equipment operation procedures.

Day 2

CLASSROOM: Discuss Static Pressure and Airflow, Air Flow Measurement Techniques-Plenum Pressure Matching Method, Flow Hood, Flow Grid. Room to Room pressure diagnostics including Duct Leakage Diagnostics, (finding leaks with a manometer)

Measurements Static Pressure and Airflow, Using The equipment approved in California. Fan watt draw and Airflow using Retrotec and TEC equipment.

Day 3

CLASSROOM: Discuss Refrigerant Charge and Equipment Calibration.

Combine the Airflow techniques with Refrigerant charge procedures, multiple opportunities to practice on various pieces of equipment.

Day 4

CLASSROOM: ‘Room to Room Pressure Diagnostics’ and ‘Duct Leakage Diagnostics’. Ventilation Issues and Fan Flows

Room to Room Pressure Diagnostics, Effects of Ventilation Fans on Room Pressures.

Day 5

CLASSROOM: Discuss Thermal Bypass, Quality Insulation Installation, Discuss Combustion Analysis, and Thermal Imaging.

Inspect a wall section, working some of the areas discussed, Use an IR camera and review the results, using a hot wall for the training. 80 and 95 AFUE Combustion analysis

Topic Covered in MI-BEST A+ Class... 

Building Envelope

Infiltration / Exfiltration Testing
Single Point Testing
Multi Point Testing
Single Point Repeated
Envelope Elements and Issues

Air Flow Measurements

Flow Hood
Flow Grid
Plenum Pressure Matching Method
Fan Watt Efficacy
Spot Ventilation Testing
Central Fan Ventilation Testing
Static Pressure and Air Flow Testing

Duct Testing

Total Leakage
Leakage to Outside
Equipment Field Calibration training

Refrigerant Charge Testing

Standard Charge Methodology
Thermal Calibration
Refrigerant Gauge Calibration

Mechanical Equipment

Gas Furnace
Combustion Analysis
80 AFUE Equipment
92+ AFUE Equipment

Pressure Dynamics

Use of Manometers
Room to Room Pressure Testing
CAZ Procedures

Quality Insulation

Thermal By-pass
Basic Air Seal Procedures

Combustion Air Analysis

80 AFUE Furnace
92+ AFUE Furnace